What can a Marketing Consultant do for your business?

As you’re undoubtedly aware by now, I’m Claire Saxton, and I am a marketing consultant.

But what does that actually mean, and how can I help your business?

Well, I’m here for you to consult with about your marketing, to help you fix some issues you may be having and identify marketing opportunities you probably hadn’t considered before.

Photograph of Claire Saxton of Saxton Marketing LtdIt’s worth taking a moment to explain that I’m not a business consultant or growth strategist. I can’t help you grow your business, streamline your processes and be more efficient to create more profit.

But I can help you with all things marketing (and that’s certainly an important factor in growing your business).

It might be easier for you to think of me as a critical friend that can cast an eye over what you’re doing you, kindly tell you where you’re going wrong and gently guide you in the right direction to meet your goals.

Let me guide you through how I do that in a little more detail.

A marketing consultant can give you a fresh perspective on your marketing

If you’ve tried blogging, social media, Google Ads and you’re still struggling to attract new customers, but you just can’t understand why, I can help.

Sometimes we read the latest article or watch the latest Facebook live from an influencer explaining the latest and greatest marketing trend that you have to absolutely jump on right now, so we do. And when it doesn’t work, we often blame ourselves. It worked for everyone else, what am I doing wrong?

Chances are that the marketing tactic was never a good fit for your business.

It can be difficult to see the bigger picture and where all the different strands of the marketing tapestry come together to form that golden thread that’ll encourage new customers through your door.

Well, two minds are better one, and I have the experience of working with many different business types, sizes and industries to be able to hone in on what your target audience really want to see from you.

Trying things differently can be tricky, your business is your baby after all, but trust me and my expertise, it’s usually worth it when you see an increase in customers and profits.

A marketing consultant can save you time and money, so you can spend that time elsewhere on your business

We all want to save time and money, right?

One of the biggest drains on money is ineffective marketing, which could be something like:

  • spending money on Facebook ads when your target audience are on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • setting up a Google Ads campaign with a broken website
  • paying for a branding package without having the marketing basics in place, i.e. social media, website, blog, etc
  • running ads at the wrong time of year – when everyone is on holiday rather than pre-Christmas, Easter, etc.

When you’re not sure what you should be doing and when, you’re likely to waste a lot of your valuable time and get mixed results that could prove costly to your business, rather than bringing in the customers and profits you’re hoping for.

I can sit down and strategise with you on the right approaches for your business, where your target audience are hanging out and what they’re more likely to engage with, and how you can use some simple tips and tricks to save money while maximising the return on your investment.

A marketing consultant can research your target audience

Stand out from the crowd like the person in this photo when it comes to using Twitter for your businessWithout understanding your target audience completely, it’s always going to be challenging to get your marketing right.

I tend to think of marketing as a cross between an art form and a science, with the facts and figures on your target audience forming the basis for the creative content that’ll hook them in for engagement and eventual conversion to a paying customer.

It can take time to do the research properly, and if you’re not sure what it is you need to know and where it fits into the marketing puzzle, it can be easy to get wrong.

I’ve been profiling ideal customers for years and creating personas that’ll enable you to pinpoint your marketing to where it’ll work best.

A marketing consultant has the skills and time that you don’t have

I know just how exhausting running a business can be and how many hats you’re expected to wear as a business owner.

I don’t just provide you with a strategy and tell you to get on with it – I can help you to implement it too.

I offer a wide range of marketing services such as social media management, proofreading, creation of marketing materials and I have a few associates who can help you with blogging, copywriting, website management and SEO too.

Outsourcing can seem like an expense you just can’t afford, but in the long run, it saves you time that can be better spent elsewhere on your business to generate revenue and grow, can you afford to miss out on that?

To find out more about consultancy and marketing services here at Saxton Marketing, get in touch with me now to arrange a friendly chat.

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