For An Effective Marketing Strategy That Gets Results

I have known and worked with Claire for several years now and have always been delighted with not only the quality of her work but her breadth of knowledge across all marketing topics. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire to any business looking for support from a professional.
Director, Cureton Consulting

What is a marketing strategy, and why do I need one?

Creating an effective marketing strategy for your business is the process of analysing, researching and evaluating your current position to give you the edge on your competition.

Phew! Quite the mouthful, isn’t it? Essentially, it’s:

  • analysing your business goals, obstacle and current marketing efforts
  • researching your target audience, position within the market and your competitors
  • evaluating what’s been working so far, and what hasn’t
  • identifying the gaps that you can take advantage of, and how to do that
Picture of a tress with different words on the branches like marketing and success

It can be a time-consuming process and tricky to put the answers together into a strategy that will work if you’re not on top of the latest marketing trends and techniques.

That’s why a critical friend called Claire is great to have by your side to take care of the complicated ‘stuff’ for you.

Whether you need some marketing advice to get started with a new business, or you want to take your current company to the next level – I can provide the advice you need.

From a one to one consultation where we talk through your current goals and problems through to creating a personalised marketing plan that will deliver the results you need

I have the knowledge, experience and skills you’re looking for.

What do I do with my marketing strategy now that I have one?

Once you know where you currently are, where you want to be and how to position yourself against your competition, you need to create a marketing plan.

A marketing plan is where we piece together the who, what and why and turn them into the how, when and where to get the results you’re looking for – whether that’s increased revenue, more customers or heightened brand awareness.

I’ll guide you through the marketing tactics you should be using for your business, and if you need someone to take care of implementing those techniques you can count on me for that too!

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I don’t live near you – how can we make this marketing magic happen?

Although I’m based in Derbyshire and work with clients locally, I can work with clients from all over the UK (and internationally) on a ‘virtual’ basis.

If you need help with your business marketing then I can provide that support – wherever you happen to be.