Digital Marketing For Brand Engagement and Sales Conversion

Marketing is going ‘digital’ at a remarkable speed in today’s online world. Whilst there remains a place for traditional marketing methods, it is important to have a strong online presence for your business.

Did you know that it takes around 9 encounters with your brand before a stranger becomes a customer?

By combining content marketing methods such as blogging and social media with the strong foundation necessary for an effective online presence – a solid website with an SEO strategy, I’ll help you engage with your online audience in a fun and informative way that’ll get results.

We’ve had Claire looking after all our social media content for a few years now and can’t recommend her enough, she’s very creative and keeps our social media pages flowing with interesting content and news. We get regular emails from Claire keeping us updated and letting us know if there is anything else that might help our business. We would recommend Claire to anyone.

Jami Martin
The Gate Maker

I’ll create and manage an effective digital marketing strategy that will attract your target audience and create powerful engagement with your brand

Picture of a marketing consultant working on a laptop in a Derbyshire cafe helping clients with their marketing problems

By combining content marketing methods such as blogging, guest posts, and social media content; I can help you increase your online brand value and website authority in an engaging and informative way for your audience.

Essentially, the same principles of creating an effective strategy and marketing plan to implement it is the same for digital as it is for traditional marketing approaches, but there is one crucial difference – understanding how to create high quality content designed to be enjoyed by people, and understood by spiders (the lovely name Google calls its scanning bots!).

I can provide a full digital and content marketing service, including:

Content marketing strategy

Blog creation and management

Email marketing campaigns and mailing list management

Content design and creation

WordPress website design and management

Video Marketing

Digital PR

Search Engine Optimisation

Analysis and metrics