A business owner using instragram stories

Boost Your Brand with Instagram Stories: Tips for Content Through Storytelling

With their massive daily viewership, Instagram Stories can be a serious game-changer for small businesses looking to stand out online. Read more

A socila media follower paying for an item with their phone

Social Media Alchemy: Transforming Followers into Loyal Customers

Think of your social media following as a treasure trove of potential customers waiting to be unlocked. In today’s digital world, having a thriving presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is like having a shop on a bustling high street. But the key to real success? Turning those casual scrollers into committed buyers. In this blog post, we’re going to unravel the art of converting your social media followers into die-hard fans of your brand. Read more

a man engaging with social media content on his laptop

Why Your Small Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Social Media Engagement

Social media is a fantastic form of marketing for reaching your target audience, building brand awareness, and driving leads to your business. However, merely having a social media presence is not enough; engagement is the key to success with a social media marketing strategy. Read more

Social media users stood in a line on their mobile phones

Cracking the Code: How to Find and Connect with Your Perfect Target Audience on Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of modern marketing strategies, offering unparalleled opportunities to connect with potential customers. However, with such a vast and diverse user base on various platforms, finding and targeting the right audience is crucial for the success of your social media campaigns. Read more

Picture of a Tiktok profile screen on a mobile phone

Conquering TikTok: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Winning Video Content Strategy

At its core, TikTok is a social media platform dedicated to short-form, user-generated video content. It’s a space where creativity flourishes, and trends move at a breakneck speed. Read more

A mobile phone in someone's hand with the Tiktok loading screen

The Power of TikTok for Small Business Marketing: what you need to know

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm. Known for its short-form videos and catchy music that can quickly go viral.  The app, which launched in 2016, has seen massive growth in recent years and has become a popular platform for young people to express themselves and showcase their creativity (and older age groups are starting to get in on the action too!) Read more

Picture of a laptop and phone open on Instagram to watch some reels

Why are Instagram Reels good for your business?

Using Instagram can be a great way of marketing your business. But did you know that using Instagram reels can take things up a notch and help you achieve more with your social media marketing?

In this blog, I want to talk about why Instagram reels are so good for your business and why you should consider adding them to your social media marketing strategy today. Read more

How to optimise your social media marketing for SEO

While social media marketing isn’t (Google claims) an active part of improving your website’s search result ranking, it does have a supportive role to play in helping your business get ahead of your competition online. Read more

Photo of the hands of a business owner over a laptop designing a new business website with a mug of coffee and written notes next to the laptop

Is your website ready for social media marketing?

One of the most cost-effective methods of marketing for any business is social media. It’s a tried and tested way of getting your business brand out there and noticed by your audience, and when done correctly, they’ll interact and engage with your content.

Fundamentally, social media marketing has the overall aim of generating leads and sales. And it’s typically your website where that magic happens. Your calls to action, lead magnets, further information and special offers should ideally be hosted on your website with your audience directed to them via social media. Read more

Hand drawn marketing plan that includes search engine optimisation

7 Ways A Marketing Consultant Can Help You Generate Leads

Outsourcing to someone new in your business is always going to come with some feelings of uncertainty. In this blog, I want to reassure you about any concerns you may have with outsourcing to a marketing consultant, how a marketing consultant can help you to generate those all-important leads and why it’s worth navigating around any anxieties for the benefits it can bring to your business. Read more