The Story of Saxton Marketing – from marketing student to full-time mummy and business owner

I always think it’s difficult to really get your personality across on a website’s ‘about me’ page.

But behind the marketing persona lies the real person that you’re doing business with, and I feel it’s important to get a glimpse of who they are at every opportunity. I considered what was a good way for me to go in a bit more depth and figured that a blog telling you about me and how I came to start Saxton Marketing ltd would be a good idea.

So here it is!

Do let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about myself, or feel free to share your business story!

I’ve always worked in marketing, but it’s when I became a Mum that I decided to start my own business

Claire Saxton the really passionate social media marketing geek on her way home from a ladies networking group in DerbyI’ve been involved in marketing since studying it at the University of Derby where I found my passion working for a big brand clothing store.

It taught me the valuable skill of being able to deal with awkward customers but also allowed me to get creative with the store’s layout and how it could be used to best effect for increased sales.

Once I’d graduated I worked for a local building society processing mortgages which gave me a fantastic insight into the financial services industry, but I knew I wanted to use my degree and go into marketing. When a role came up in the marketing department, I knew I had to apply and so I was delighted to be offered the job and climb the first rung of the marketing ladder.

Since then I’ve continued to climb and became an Assistant Marketing Manager there, before moving to a different building society as a Campaign Manager.

After having my first child, I wanted to continue with my marketing career but with the flexibility that allowed me to be a full-time mummy and enjoy those important first few years. So, I bit the bullet and decided to go freelance, and that is how Saxton Marketing Ltd came to be born.

My utter passion is social media marketing and how it can help build a business brand

If you asked me what I’m known for, I’d say my attention to detail. I work with some great copywriters and agencies providing proofreading for them (because we all need a second pair of eyes to watch for mistakes!)

I also love providing marketing advice to get businesses in front of their dream clients and seeing them flourish as a result, it’s so satisfying seeing your clients’ businesses grow. I put 110% into everything I do for my clients.

But it’s social media that I’m really passionate about.

Social media helps build a brand, establishes a rapport with the target audience and provides convenience for the customer too, it’s a fantastic approach to marketing that really works well. I get really excited when I see my clients winning awards on social media, such as the Twitter hours #SBS and #Queenof.

My passion for social media has made its way into my personal life too

Photograph of Claire Saxton of Saxton Marketing Ltd I freely admit that I’m a geek and literally live on

social media for my job, and personally too. I’m the secretary of my daughter’s school PTA for which I’ve set up a Facebook group and look after all the communications. I love it!

Most people take a book to bed at night, but often you’ll find me on my phone reading articles on the changes to social media or news that will benefit my clients.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me spending time and having fun with my family

With two kids and a husband you’ll find me having lots of fun playing, baking, walking and shopping! I really enjoy baking and love to spend a Sunday afternoon making some cakes with the kids, letting them get creative with decorating them and then seeing them devour them with delight!

I have a big passion for food. After some recent health issues, I’ve had to change my diet and lifestyle which some people would find quite challenging, but I’ve truly embraced the changes. My friends will tell you that I’m always sharing the results of the great new recipes I’m trying!

Self-development is something I’m keen on as I have a thirst for knowledge and learning

If money was no object I’d love to travel more, but I’d also like to sign up to some courses and learn more too. I ‘d also team up with my husband to renovate old houses, do them up and market them!

My friends would describe me as a fun person but very dedicated and caring. I’m definitely a night owl and will often work every night when my children are in bed. I’m passionate about all things marketing and social media and I feel that comes across when businesses come and work with me to grow their business.

I hope that has given you a glimpse into my world and why I’m so passionate about marketing. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch today!

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