Saxton Marketing and Small Business Sunday, What It Means To Be A #SBS Winner

Being recognised by a former Dragon’s Den star has to be toward the top of any business owner’s bucket list. Thankfully, I could make that particular dream come true with my tweet that was picked by Theo Paphitis himself to win the Small Business Sunday Twitter competition on 17 February 2020.

I heartily recommend that every small business owner enter the #SBS competition each week, here’s what it means to win and how it could bring a real boost to your business marketing efforts.

What is Small Business Sunday?


Photograph of Claire Saxton with Theo Paphitis receiving her SBS certificateSmall Business Sunday is a Twitter award using the #SBS hashtag that singles out small businesses who show determination and passion for their industry. It was created by ex-Dragon Den’s star and retail giant Theo Paphitis as a way to support small business owners to flourish online.

Winners of Small Business Sunday receive ongoing support and networking opportunities through the SBS community including Theo Paphitis himself and a range of sponsors, including an annual event held in Birmingham with keynote speakers and the chance to meet Theo in person to collect your award.


How can you win Small Business Sunday?

To win, you simply have to tweet using the #SBS hashtag between 5pm and 7.30pm each Sunday night and hope that you are picked. There are elements of luck in being spotted by Theo but there are always a few things that he looks out for; you can see what they are by visiting this page over at the #SBS website.

I’ve been trying to win Small Business Sunday for the past five years but have entered consistently every week for the past eighteen months. I certainly think persistence is the key! As with any form of marketing, there are a number of touchpoints necessary for you to be recognised and remembered so the more often you enter, the more chance of that happening and finally getting picked when you create the perfect tweet.

The tweet that won #SBS for me was

“I’m a Twitter expert and show businesses how they can increase their brand awareness and get sales! I’ve a group of clients coming to meet you this year for the SBS event! Could this be my year to join them? Only Theo can decide!”

As you can see, I made it personal to the #SBS event and Theo himself but talked about how I help my clients and what I do!

Winning the #SBS award has boosted my business in more ways than one


It was fantastic to get recognition from Theo and meet him at the annual Small Business Sunday where I collected my certificate as an official winner. The day itself was incredible and certainly inspirational.

As a working mum of two little ones, Saxton Marketing helps me realise my dream of running a business and sharing my passion for SMEs who need help with their social media and marketing strategy tasks while ensuring I get that quality time with my children. Being recognised for that passion by Theo has been incredible and attending the annual event helped me feel part of a strong and supportive community of fellow business owners that really helped that I know I can learn so much from over the months and years ahead.

Enquiries have increased regarding my services and Twitter training thanks both to being retweeted as a winner by Theo but also being in the local press regarding my win. I’ve been able to connect with some amazing business owners who are all part of the #SBS community and really do support each other to take our businesses to the next level.

That’s why I urge you to take part in Small Business Sunday and discover the doors it could open for you and your business. Be patient and know that you’re unlikely to win on your first try but with a little creativity and allowing the real you to shine through, you too can be picked by Theo and enjoy the benefits that being a #SBS winner can bring.

Go on, give it a try this Sunday!

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