How a marketing consultant can improve your revenue

Managing your own business marketing can be a complicated task. There’s so much you should be doing that it’s often difficult to know where to begin!

Outsourcing to a marketing consultant is an investment but one you might be hesitant to make, especially when you’re in the early stages of your business and low on funds. But. It is an investment that can improve your revenue.

In this blog I want to highlight how a marketing consultant can benefit your business not only in terms of revenue, but reputation too.

A marketing consultant has experience

It goes without saying that a marketing consultant has experience in marketing, but it goes deeper than that. They have experience that you don’t.

  • The experience of working on other businesses and discovering what works and what doesn’t.
  • The experience of attending training, events and conferences when you can’t take a day away from your work
  • The experience of seeing trends emerge and how to stay ahead of the curve
  • The experience of past mistakes that you can’t afford to make

Ongoing research is essential for understanding what works best for a certain business type and their audience. When you outsource to a marketing consultant you’re not just paying for their time and the work they do, but for their knowledge and expertise too.

A marketing consultant knows the right processes to be using

Flowchart on a whiteboard of different marketing methods for small business ownersThere are a lot of differing marketing techniques, tricks and processes that can be used on a business. From social media marketing to SEO, content marketing and printed advertising. There’s a lot to choose from and it can be difficult to know which one to use first, or if you should be using that marketing tactic at all.

A marketing consultant knows which processes are crucial to be using from day one. Using their experience, they know the low-cost tactics you can use to get started and the marketing techniques you should put money into when you have the opportunity.

This is how a marketing consultant helps you get that return on investment by understanding what’s realistic for your business position today, making increases wherever possible and as those increases are made, using that additional revenue as investment in other marketing techniques for an even bigger return.

It’s not a fast process but with careful planning, investment and evaluation, it’s one that works.

A marketing consultant is passionate about helping your business

For marketing to be effective, it’s essential that the consultant you hire understands every aspect of your business. From your customers, to you and your vision; to day to day operations and the processes you use to manage your business. That information gives a bigger and clearer picture that allows the right marketing techniques that work with your business model to be used.

But getting to know your business so well also means that your marketing consultant becomes as passionate about getting good results as you do. They want you to succeed and achieve your goals. It’s this drive that ensures you get the best marketing plan and assistance possible to make that a reality.

A marketing consultant will ask those difficult questions

Picture of a cartoon man with yes, no and maybe because consent can be difficult to get under general data protection regulationSometimes it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees when you’re a business owner. It’s a cliché, I know, but it’s true. You’re so invested in your business and working inside it that it can be difficult to gain outside perspective and see what’s truly going on.

A marketing consultant will come and ask questions to help you reframe things in your mind. Is this a marketing problem or something else? Is this marketing not working because you’re not doing it right, or because your audience aren’t interested in it? Those are just a few examples!

Don’t worry, we’re very understanding and can help you find the answers when you’re not sure. We’re also positive. If things aren’t working out now, we can help you uncover why and plan for a better outcome. There are things we can do to help your business improve its revenue, no matter what your budget.

A marketing consultant is like a critical friend

We’re critical in that we can see what’s not working, what you should be doing and how you can improve your marketing but we’re also a friend because we want you to do well. We’re not going to come in and criticise everything because we enjoy being mean!

I used to be a manager and I always strived to get the most out of my team by working with each member’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and it’s much the same here. We want to work with you to get the most out of your business through marketing – we want you to do well!

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