Why are Instagram Reels good for your business?

Using Instagram can be a great way of marketing your business. But did you know that using Instagram reels can take things up a notch and help you achieve more with your social media marketing?

In this blog, I want to talk about why Instagram reels are so good for your business and why you should consider adding them to your social media marketing strategy today.

Instagram reels are fantastic for building brand awareness

One of the ways that social media marketing can help you get more leads and customers is by building your brand awareness. Research has shown that it takes on average eight “touchpoints” with a potential customer to convert them into a paying customer. A touchpoint is anything in which they ‘touch’ upon your brand, i.e., see it on Instagram.

The great thing about using Instagram reels is that the Instagram algorithm favours them above just posting an image and text. So, you will get in front of your target audience more often, and as they engage and interact with you, the algorithm will keep delivering your reels and posts to them. So, it’s an effective way to get in front of your audience and start building that rapport with them.

You can add personality to your brand with Instagram reels

Picture of a business owner creating an Instagram reelOne of the hardest things to do with social media marketing is to get your personality across – whether your own individual personality or the personality of your business. Sometimes, adding humour or quirks into a written post doesn’t translate so well when it’s read by your audience.

By using Instagram reels, there are so many more ways to make things interesting but also to get across the personality of you and your business too. Whether it’s by using sounds, multiple video clips, filters, captions, interactive backgrounds, stickers, and so much more.

You’ll reach more people with an Instagram Reel

Like I’ve said above, the Instagram algorithm loves reels. You might have noticed this yourself when you log on to Instagram, you literally can’t miss the reels! Unlike stories, they don’t disappear after 24 hours so your hard work making them will have an impact for much longer too.

Instagram reels have a dedicated section on the app, so your followers can head straight there to find out what you’re up to and any updates that may interest them. And of course, the more people who see your reels the more Instagram believes others will gain value from the content, and so it’ll put your reels in their feeds too. This makes reels a great way to create new followers for your Instagram account as you can reach more people than with a standard post.

Instagram reels are great for products and younger audiences

Having something to show on a Reel is a great way to gain interest and so they naturally lend themselves to showcasing products or ‘services that can be seen’ like fitness classes, for example. By showing a 360 view of your products/services and them being used in action, it’s easier for your target audience to understand how your business can help them.

While we’re talking about audiences, I think we’re all aware that the younger age groups adore video-based content rather than static posts. This makes Instagram reels a great way to get in front of your younger audience members and attract them into following and engaging with your content and brand.

Instagram reels are easy to do, they help you get in front of your audience in a fun and effective way, and Instagram gives you some fantastic insight information for them, so you can see just how well your reels are performing for your business. That’s why you should give them a try today, and if you need any help getting started, just get in contact with me here at Saxton Marketing.

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