7 Ways A Marketing Consultant Can Help You Generate Leads

Outsourcing to someone new in your business is always going to come with some feelings of uncertainty. In this blog, I want to reassure you about any concerns you may have with outsourcing to a marketing consultant, how a marketing consultant can help you to generate those all-important leads and why it’s worth navigating around any anxieties for the benefits it can bring to your business.

So, here are 7 ways a marketing consultant can help you generate leads for your business today.

1 – Marketing consultants have expert knowledge

Picture of Claire Saxton delivering Twitter trainingTo become a member or associated member of certain marketing professional bodies (like the Charted Institute of Marketing), you have to be able to prove that you have relevant qualifications and experience in marketing.

Many of us have degrees, some members have post-graduate qualifications and all of us have to complete CPD requirements by updating our skills regularly, taking refresher courses, keeping up to date with industry changes, etc.

All of this means that we have the expert knowledge it would literally take you years to gain for your business (because it has taken us many years to acquire it!) As a business owner with limited time to manage your business, it’s worth outsourcing to a marketing consultant and getting the help you need quickly and easily without wasting time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

2 – We’re always researching the latest marketing trends

Although the core principles of marketing remain the same (target audience, value propositions, identifying pain points, etc), there are trends that come and go. A good example of this was the Clubhouse trend in winter 2020.

Marketing consultants will read a lot of articles and journals to see what new marketing techniques and tactics are making an appearance and research how they can be used for their clients. So, when a trend does take off, they already understand how to make the most of it.

We can also understand which trends work for certain business types and can advise you that it’s not worth jumping on the bandwagon for everything. That way, you don’t end up spending resources on a new hyped-up trend that simply won’t work for your target audience.

3 – We can help you define your target audience.

One of the biggest issues I help my clients with as a marketing consultant is identifying their target audience. We all know that understanding who is buying our products or services is important in ensuring we market to them effectively, and most people are aware that an audience avatar is a key part of that process.

But knowing how to create a marketing avatar, what to include and what to exclude, how deep to go and the important information that will make it easier to market to them in the future can be tricky. Not to mention the time spent doing it which could be better spent elsewhere on your business.

A marketing consultant can take care of this for you, research your audience and help you to clearly and identify who you’re targeting to help you generate better leads for your business.

4 – Marketing consultants are goal oriented

Goals are important when it comes to marketing. Whether it’s new leads, new clients, new followers, etc. Whatever the goal is, there’s a plan to get there, evaluation points along the way and tweaks to be made to ensure the goal is met.

It can be difficult to get this process right if you don’t have years of marketing expertise behind you. If a plan isn’t working, would you know the point to stop it? Chances are, you’ve already tried a few marketing approaches and given up on them because you weren’t getting anyway but was that because the marketing technique was wrong for your audience, or because it needed tweaking to work just right?

We understand how to ensure your goals are met and are always striving to do so, and once they’ve been achieved set new goals to work toward.

5 – We know what marketing methods are best for business

Flowchart on a whiteboard of different marketing methods for small business ownersMarketing strategies are not the same for every business, even within the same industry! Just because a virtual assistant has had amazing success with Twitter marketing doesn’t mean that will work for you. You might have different USPs, target audiences, etc.

Different marketing techniques are better suited to some business owners than others, and the best way to understand which ones you should be using is by asking a marketing consultant. By understanding you, your business and your target audience we can help you to identify the marketing sweet spots to be focusing on.

We’ll also keep an eye on things and let you know if things change. We’ve all seen the shifts away from the older social media channels toward the new ones like Tik Tok and Clubhouse over the last year or so. This is a good example of how some of our audience will gravitate towards new or different channels and why you need to be keeping your marketing up to date to keep them engaged with your brand.

6 – We know what should be on your website and social media

It can be difficult to understand what information to share on your website and social media. Should you talk about you and what you have to offer? Should you talk about your audience and what they need? How in depth should you go into things?

We know what works on each page of your website and in social media posts. By putting the information out there that your target audience are expecting to see (rather than what you think they might want to see), we can help you generate new leads through your website and social media and win new customers to your business.

Essentially, we can put ourselves into the minds of your target audience and help you plan the content around what they need to know to buy from you.

7 – We understand marketing analytics

When was the last time you delved into your social media and google analytics?

We know that data isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and it can be difficult to understand just what the numbers are telling you, but we love them! Data can tell us so much and enable us to tweak marketing campaigns, so they perform even better than before.

Your top performing post can guide us toward creating more posts like that to generate even more leads, your top performing blog can tell us what your audience are searching for online and how they arrived at that blog (was it social media or SEO?), and the conversion rate between website visitors and lead enquiries can help us understand which pages are working best from a sales perspective.

All of this information is important for a successful marketing campaign, and we can help you get the numbers and present it in a way you can understand to improve your lead generation and sales.

Marketing consultants understand how digital marketing methods and traditional marketing tactics come together to generate leads for your business, and how to get campaigns working just right for your particular goals.

I hope I’ve been able to provide some reassurance that we are the experts you need to help your business, and that we have the skills to ensure you won’t regret outsourcing to us. If you’re ready to take the plunge and generate more business leads in 2021, get in touch with me now.


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