11 Reasons To Outsource Your Social Media Today

Are you still unsure whether social media marketing is the right thing for your business?

Chances are that you’ve given things a go and have been struggling to get those followers, interactions and leads that you were hoping for from your efforts.

You might feel like you wasted your time creating content that is just echoing in an empty vacuum, right?

The thing is, social media can work extremely well for your business (it certainly has for mine!) but when you’re struggling to get things off the ground, outsourcing your social media marketing and management could be the answer you’re looking for.

There are many benefits of outsourcing your social media management to a professional


When I talk about outsourcing your social media, I mean handing over your accounts to trusted and experienced professionals who will take care of things for you. With tasks ranging from creating content to interacting with your followers and replying to messages being handled by the company or freelancer you outsource to.

There are many aspects a social media marketing company or freelancer can help you with, and you can be as hands on or off with your social media channels as you like (although it is important to make sure you’re both on the same page in terms of content and posts!)

Just to highlight how beneficial outsourcing your social media marketing can be for you and your business, here are my top 11 reasons for you to give it a go today.

1. Outsourcing your social media saves you time and money

Picture of a mac on a desk being used to manage a facebook business pageMany of my clients come to me because they’re frustrated over how much time it takes to write content, schedule posts and interact with their followers.

Not only is this losing them precious hours from their work week, but also costing them money in the time they’re spending away from their business.

Although you probably believe that outsourcing your social media management is expensive, you might be surprised to discover that it’s one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available.

How much do you charge your clients per hour?

Now work out how many hours you generally spend on your social media?

Multiply the two together and what do you get?

It’s probably a sizeable sum, right? I’m guessing at least three figures.

Outsourcing your social media management is likely to cost less than that figure and it can bring you new leads and customers that’ll increase your revenue even further.

What’s not to like about that?


2. A consistent approach to social media marketing gets you better results

One of the problems with trying to juggle your social media around your other business tasks is that you often end up with a haphazard way of doing things.

Even those well-intentioned content plans can go out the window when you suddenly get a surge of new clients or are kept busy elsewhere in your business.

Outsourcing your social media means that your marketing is planned down to the last detail, consistent and evaluated regularly for how well it’s performing.

So, even on those off days you’ll find your social media channels are still marketing your business and what you do to your target audience.


3. Gaining skilled expertise is a key reason to outsource your social media

Two business owners networking after connecting through FacebookSocial media marketing can take a long time to get your head around. It isn’t like using it for your personal accounts which means knowing what your target audience are expecting to see from you can be tricky to understand.

There are many lessons (and mistakes!) to be learned through marketing your business with social media, but here’s the rub. You don’t have to make those mistakes when you outsource to a social media manager. They’ve already learned from their mistakes and gained the expertise you need to make your marketing efforts a success.

Sometimes you might not agree with their methods and approaches to social media but do take the time to listen to their explanations for doing it that way. Their reasons will often be based on direct experiences with social media marketing for businesses like yours, and how they refined their techniques to get better results, faster.


4. You benefit from strategic social media that works with your marketing plan

A joined-up approach to your marketing is essential for it to be successful. That means your digital marketing, website and SEO, in-person marketing and printed advertising all need to be consistent and sharing the same message.

It all comes down to having a strong marketing plan in place and using that as the focus for your social media efforts.

An experienced social media company will be able to take your marketing plan and craft compelling content out of it that’ll help you reach your objectives, whether they are brand awareness, lead generation or improving your website conversion rate.

They’ll also be able to show you how you’re progressing terms of meeting your goals and when it’s time to be setting some new ones.


5. A social media marketer will keep your content relevant to your audience

An ideal customer using InstagramIt can be easy to get swept away with trending posts on social media that seem to suck up hours of your time without doing anything for your business.

The reality is that you need to be putting out content that your target audience are interested in rather than what you might enjoy, and to get that balance right between relevant for your audience and fun for you takes some experience and skill.

A professional social media marketer will understand how to create an ideal customer avatar, how to curate content that they’re interested in and how to funnel those new views down into leads for you to convert into customers.

No more guesswork required!


6. A social media professional can help you get the most out of your marketing budget

Along with a good marketing plan comes a budget that you should put aside each month to generate new leads and win more customers.

This is often difficult for business owners who are trying to get things established and off the ground, but it is important to have some money available to raise brand awareness and get you noticed by your target audience.

It can be tricky knowing how to make the most out of your marketing budget. It’s all too easy to splurge on the latest tool or stock image collection when, in reality, they might do little for achieving your marketing goals and objectives.

Outsourcing your social media marketing to a professional will ensure that your money is stretched as far as it will go in the right direction for your business to ensure a maximum return on your investment.


7. You’ll be able to access resources that may otherwise be unavailable to you

Picture of analytics being viewed for social media marketingSocial media marketing tools can be expensive for sole traders and small business owners but professionals that provide this service often buy the tools and resources necessary for successful marketing and will be using these for your business as part of their work.

Although these tools aren’t absolutely essential for social media marketing to be effective, they do make scheduling, management and analytics a lot easier to care for.

You might find that some social media companies have their own suite of tools or a dashboard open to you to use as part of their service too.

8. A professional social media marketer can keep on top of new and developing trends

Social media trends come and go.

Some work incredibly well for a few weeks or months then disappear in a flash (remember Periscope on Twitter?) while others turn into the way to be doing things, like Facebook lives.

Finding out about emerging trends and deciding whether they’re right for you isn’t an easy task, and let’s face it, you don’t really have the time to be reading the latest social media articles online and figuring out the best way to be doing things.

But that is exactly what a social media marketing professional does. They not only care for your social media channels but they actively look out for the latest trends and new approaches through industry websites and influencers, so you don’t have to.


9. You’ll find new opportunities you didn’t know existed through your social media networks

Customers using a small business website that's been optimised for search enginesBy having a strategic approach to your social media marketing that uses the latest trends, industry know-how and expertise, your brand awareness will dramatically increase meaning new doors will open for your business.

You’ll find that people will start coming to you with collaboration ideas, advice and support that could lead to opportunities you’d never thought of before and doors opening in an entirely new direction for your business.

You never know where your next Twitter DM could lead!


10. Outsourcing your social media could win you awards for your business

Winning Twitter awards is something I’m starting to be recognised for here at Saxton Marketing, with my clients amassing 30 awards so far, and hopefully many more on the way!

There are numerous awards to be won on social media, but they need a careful strategy in place for crafting posts that’ll get you noticed and win!

It takes time, effort, analysis of past winners and an understanding of what the judges are looking for.

Winning these awards is a great way of building brand awareness for your business and being known as a leader in your industry, exactly what you need when trying to reach new customers.


11. You’ll get better results outsourcing to a professional that’s passionate about social media

Picture of Claire Saxton showcasing Saxton Marketing LtdThere are a lot of freelancers and companies out there offering outsourced social media marketing and management. So how can you know that the one you’re interested in is going to make a difference for your business?

The first thing I would look for is there passion for social media.

Look at how they talk about their work, their results, their clients and the content they share about social media marketing. Enthusiasm and passion for social media marketing is what you need to make it work for your business, and it’s something I have in abundance!

If you are looking to outsource your social media marketing and would like a friendly chat about how it works and how you can get started, get in touch with me today.


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